WCOLO is an online eyewear mart for great value glasses at affordable prices. We are bringing a revolution to the glasses industry by stripping out the middlemen, manufacturing and selling directly to our customers.

Being a WCOLO affiliate, when we make a sale to a customer referred from your source, you can earn a commission depend on your affiliate rank level and downline team of Multi-level-marketing (MLM). So you can turn our affordable, high-quality eyewear and generous discounts into revenue for yourself.

Right Now! Start your business and grow with WCOLO!

Apply for WCOLO Affiliate Program is on case by case basis. Firstly you should be our registered customer and complete at least one successful order, then it starts on the application / invitation / recommendation, and subject to evaluation and approval, or sometimes we may grant the eligibility actively and unconditionally. During promotion and marketing, the program welcomes as many customers as possible.

5 Rank Levels
Depend on overall contribution, affiliate are eligible to upgrade up to 5 rank levels.

Rank Required Earning Achieved (USD) Commission
Basic No requirement 0-3.0%
Bronze VIP 10 0-3.5%
Silver VIP 100 0-4.0%
Gold VIP 1000 0-4.5%
Diamond VIP 10000 0-5.0%

5 MLM Levels
Each affiliate can have maximally 5 levels of downline affiliates team under him/her, and unlimited team numbers for each level.

MLM Downline Level Commissions
1 30%
2 10%
3 5%
4 2%
5 1%

Affiliate Team Development
Affiliate may do marketing and promotion to develop his/her team by following tools in the account:

  • Affiliate link
  • Specific product link
  • QR Code
  • Advertisement bar
  • Coupon Code (produced by affiliate with his earning balance)

90-day Cookie Duration
For each potential referral, from the first day they received your marketing link, you will be counted towards referrer if they were converted to real affiliate within 90 days, base on the cookie records in their computer, you get the credit you deserve.

Cancellation and Punishment
Affiliates must act in a proper way to be compliance with local codes, regulations, laws, moral rules, public and social norms, and WCOLO policies, etc. any violation may get the eligibility cancelled, earnings forfeited and relevant responsibility and penalty imposed.

WCOLO Support
WCOLO will do everything to help you succeed! We have a professional team to train new affiliates, pre-code advertise banners, text links, and so on. All you need to do is to sit down and enjoy when your team work for you, of course you can work with them together.

WCOLO reserves all the right for final explanation, and to change the terms and conditions at any time unconditionally. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.